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Kentucky Set For 'Pre-COVID'-Like State Fair

Planners are envisioning a Kentucky State Fair with no restrictions, but an adherence to the current health and safety guidelines.

Credit AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

In 2020, the fair was a shadow of its usual self with only participators allowed in and the general public kept out. But in 2021, as COVID-19 mandates expire, Kentucky Venues President David Beck says visitors can largely expect a return to normal.

"We're planning for a regular fair as it was pre-COVID, but if something were to change and we saw an increase in numbers, or something happens, we will modify that particular area that could be impacted," Beck said. "It might be the number of people in a wing, the width of the aisles, social distrancing..."

Beck said the fair will also work with participating groups that want to add extra safety measures on top of whatever guidelines are in place at the time.

The free concert series will also return, with 23 artists including the Oak Ridge Boys, over the span of the 11-day fair.

The event runs from August 19-29. Tickets go on sale in July.

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