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IT Error May Change Some Of KY's COVID-19 Numbers This Week


While Monday’s number of positive Coronavirus cases seemed to drop, Governor Andy Beshear said we need to put an asterisk by them because they will change.

Governor Andy Beshear said the reported 275 cases of COVID-19 were off, explaining that Deloitte, the IT provider which tracks the state’s Coronavirus numbers had been updating their operating system over the weekend and some cases hadn’t been counted.

“This is unacceptable." Beshear said "We are going to be addressing it with that provider but what it’s going to mean this week is we’re going to report initially some numbers that are going to be artificially low. We know that. And so Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I will be reporting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as they come in. We will have to revise some of the previous days as more of the information comes in.”

Beshear said while there have been other tweaks with reporting cases over the last few months, this is the first time this particular issue has occurred. To pandemic skeptics who may point to this glitch as proof that the numbers are being skewed the Governor said “Are the numbers for a disease that didn’t exist until late December and a test wasn’t created until early in the year going to be perfect? No! Of course, they’re not going to be. But once you reach 30-thousand positive cases are they pretty accurate and does it tell you where the virus is? On a day that we have six, seven hundred cases does it say that the virus is growing? Yes. The numbers in the aggregate tell us where we are and are valid to tell us where we’re going. And continued attempts to disbelieve the numbers or to say this is just like a flu is sticking your head in the sand while something rages through our communities and potentially kills people that you know.”

The state’s positivity rate on Monday was 5.71% but that number may also adjust.

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