World Leader in Health Inequality show

Jul 10, 2017

Another survey is out; the US stands alone with Chile and Portugal as having the greatest disparity between the health of our wealthiest and our poorest citizens. The survey was compiled before the Affordable Care Act was implemented, and will reflect the situation if the ACA is repealed. Even if the ACA is not repealed, if it is not supported, we will end up in the same place. As our wealthier citizens and our politicians develop their own separate system for maintaining their health, Health Matters believes things will get worse rather than better. We must either sacrifice to support a public system or chart our own individual courses. Good luck to us all.

Tip: The Dutch Reach is a simple idea. In order to pass your driver’s test in the Netherlands, you must open the door with your right hand. Opening the door with your far hand forces you to turn and make sure there are no oncoming bicyclists or cars, saving yourself and them.


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