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Kentucky Senate Passes Road Plan


A five-point-four billion dollar road plan has been approved by the Kentucky Senate. 

The money supports road and bridge construction and improvements over the next two years.  It was passed with 28 yes votes and 11 pass votes. Transportation Committee Chair Ernie Harris says it's a balanced plan with no tax increases. 

Western Kentucky Senator Dorsey Ridley didn't feel prepared to vote on the plan in committee.

"With all due respect with having just moments to look at this 237 page committee substitute and I know there are a lot of things in here that are positive for west Kentucky and the Commonwealth in general, I think it's necessary for me to pass at this time. Thank you." –Dorsey Ridley

Hazard Senator Brandon Smith called the road plan a "responsible approach for transportation."  He says it would have been politically easy to put projects in the plan which may never come to fruition.

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