Rowan's Superintendent discusses Critical Race Theory

Aug 11, 2021

Superintendent John Maxey
Credit Shayla Menville for The Morehead News

There’s been some contention surrounding critical race theory in recent months, with 29 states filing legislation mandating how it’s taught, or even banning it altogether.

The academic movement has also come up in discussions throughout local communities in the Commonwealth, with some parents of school children recently voicing their concerns at the state capitol.  Also weighing-in on the topic is the Superintendent of Rowan County Schools.

John Maxey gave updates on the district at the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week.  During the open questions segment of the event, Maxey was asked what his thoughts on the matter were.  He responded, saying there have not been any discussions to change how history is taught in Rowan schools.

Maxey also believes CRT is a topic that pertains more to post-secondary education than K-12.  Still, a bill has been pre-filed in the Kentucky legislature to limit discussions on race, sex and religion in the Commonwealth’s public schools and universities.  

99th District Representative Richard White
Credit legislature.ky.gov

  It is co-sponsored by 99th District Representative Richard White.

Maxey's full response to the question can be heard below.