If You've Been Vaccinated Against COVID-19, You Are Cleared For Domestic Travel

Apr 6, 2021
Originally published on April 6, 2021 9:32 am

  Along with protecting you from getting COVID-19, Governor Andy Beshear gave another reason to get vaccinated. The state is following new CDC travel guidance released last Friday “If you are vaccinated Kentucky is no longer asking or advising you to limit domestic travel.”

If you are not vaccinated the previous guidelines remain. “We are again advising not to engage in any non-essential travel if you are not vaccinated.” Beshear said “If you’re not vaccinated you need to get a viral test one to three days before your trip and after you travel you need to get tested within three to five days and self-quarantine for a full seven days after you travel.”

Beshear said even if you are vaccinated you should still mask-up and practice social distancing even if you are visiting areas of the country that have eased or dropped restrictions.

On Monday the Governor reported cases from both Easter Sunday and Monday and said the totals may be skewed because of lab closures over the holiday weekend. As of Monday the state’s COVID-19 positive case count stood at 429,511 and 6,171 Kentuckians have died of the virus. Our positivity rate was 2.9% and remained steady for the last three weeks. Beshear said while we would rather see a decline, it does indicate that the state is in a plateau.

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