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Educators to participate in upcoming Kentucky Reads to Succeed Summer Conference

Kentucky Department of Education

According to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), approximately half of Kentucky’s third-grade students scored below proficient at reading in 2019.

The KDE, Office of Teaching and Learning, and Division of Early Literacy are collaborating to host the inaugural Kentucky Reads to Succeed Summer Conference on Thursday, June 20. More than 1,500 teachers, administrators, and other education professionals will gather in Lexington to discuss strategies for literacy education.

Micki Ray is the Chief Academic Officer in the Office of Teaching and Learning. She said educators in attendance will have a variety of experiences and background knowledge, and all of it is valuable.

“We are truly opening this up to any K-12 public school educator. And there are learning pathways not only for the elementary teachers who were a part of Read to Succeed,” said Ray. “But also for secondary teachers as well, because they are also dealing with students who may have struggles in reading.”

Ray added she hopes the event will inspire educators to join other KDE initiatives, like Kentucky Reading Academies’ Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) program.

Tara Griffith is a State Regional Literacy Director for the Office of Teaching and Learning, and she serves as project director for the summer conference. She said the conference’s mission is to empower educators to teach reading skills and structured literacy, no matter their target grade level.

“To accelerate the development and implementation of those foundational reading skills, as well as some content-rich knowledge building. And with the opportunity for an in-person learning event such as this, it also offers the opportunity for the cultivation of supportive partnerships among districts and schools,” said Griffith.

Registration for the conference has closed. Educators who miss the event can access KDE's various resources online, including the Key Actions document concerning K-3 students, at education.ky.gov.