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Warrior’s Path in eastern Kentucky to undergo marking and conservation efforts


Trail enthusiasts of Kentucky have a new route to put on their lists. The Warrior’s Path extends from Tennessee into Eastern Kentucky, and officials claim it has something for everyone.

Max Hammond, Executive Director of The Warrior’s Path of Kentucky, said the project to map the trail has been an ongoing effort. The sites are old, and Hammond said they had to use the Library of Congress to access maps to mark out the path and its branches.

Hammond said the next step of many is getting trail markers set.

“We hope to have markers in place within the next year. This is a project though that will take a lifetime to complete. We’re starting with the low-hanging fruit, so to speak, with this national scenic byway and bike route. Eventually, we would like to incorporate sections of the trail where people can hike the trail, where people can horseback ride,” said Hammond.

Hammond said this trail has a lot of historical significance to the area, having served people living in the area thousands of years ago. He said that history is one of the reasons he feels so passionately about this project.

“Educate everyone and have an opportunity to finally tell our own story, the whole story, of this land now known as Kentucky. That’s one reason we’re doing it, the other reason is trails bring economic opportunity to isolated mountain towns in eastern Kentucky,” said Hammond.

Hammond said the trail gave Native Americans access to trades which provided them with seashells and copper.

The project is ongoing, and Hammond said the effort has been largely volunteer-based.