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One KBC blood donor to win Taylor Swift concert tickets this summer

Kentucky Blood Center

Kentuckians will have an opportunity to exchange some of their good blood for the chance to hear Taylor Swift sing Bad Blood during the Eras Tour live.

The Kentucky Blood Center is holding a contest from now until June 29. Anyone who donates blood will be entered into a raffle to win two tickets to the November 3, 2024, Taylor Swift concert in Indianapolis. The winner will also be given a $500 gift card to assist with related expenses.

Eric Lindsey, Director of Media and Branding at KBC, said all anyone needs to do to enter the drawing is donate blood.

“The best way to make an appointment is to head to our website at kybloodcenter.org, you can go up to the top navigation, there’s a tab on there that says, “Find a Drive”. You can either type in Morehead or you can type in Rowan County, if you’re outside the Morehead area, if you’re looking for any drive, that is your best resource to find a drive near you,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey said donating blood is relatively quick and easy, and this prize on the line should be a pretty big draw.

“If you have never donated before it is a really easy process that has a high impact on your community. Full blood donation from registration to refreshment takes only about 45 minutes,” said Lindsey.

To be eligible, Lindsey said people need to be 16 years or older when they register to donate and follow all the usual donation protocols KBC has in place.

The winner will be decided by a random computerized drawing and announced in July.