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Kentucky Secretary of State says it's easy and secure to vote in May primary election


Officials said voting in elections is an important way to make sure the voices of the electorate are heard. Ahead of this Tuesday’s primary, election organizers are raising awareness about how easy and secure it is to cast a ballot in the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Secretary of State Micheal Adams said state officials have worked hard and achieved impressive results when it comes to election efficiency.

“Kentucky has a lot to be proud of. Our elections not only are above reproach, we actually are respected across the country in the quality of our process, in its fairness and transparency, the absence of fraud and corruption, the way that we quickly count our votes on election night so everyone goes to bed knowing who won and who lost, and feels satisfied, even if their candidates lose,” said Adams.

Adams said previous elections show that Kentucky is working its way to the front of the race, but there is still room for improvement. He said expanding access to absentee and early in-person voting would be beneficial, especially since when his office polled voters, they found that most people planned to use absentee mail-in ballots for upcoming elections.

Adams said these processes for early voting make it even easier for people to vote.

“I like early voting because it benefits two groups of people. Number one, it benefits the people who find more convenience in voting on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, as opposed to a Tuesday. And number two it benefits the people who vote on Tuesday because it makes the lines shorter for those who vote on Tuesday,” said Adams.

Adams said the benefits don’t end there, with people being able to utilize mail-in absentee ballots if they are not physically able to leave their homes but still wish to vote. He said the improvements to voting make it easier, safer, and more accessible for those across the state to have their voices heard.

Time has run out to register to vote in the primary, but there is still time to register to vote for the upcoming November elections, which will likely feature hot-button issues. Adams said he hopes every Kentuckian will vote and have their voices heard.