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Rowan County police officers honored and recognized for service

Sydney Graham

At an official ceremony Wednesday, this week was declared police week, as May 15 marks Peace Officers Memorial Day as designated by President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

Cecil Watkins, Rowan County Attorney, was one of the officials who signed the proclamation. He said being an officer is a full-time job.

“The police have taught me over the years, whenever you go to a restaurant you don’t have your back facing to the door, you’re always facing the room, seeing who’s there, analyzing what’s going on, and you know I think a lot of times people don’t understand to you guys are out all night long, you’re doing everything, it's 24/7,” said Watkins.

Watkins said police work is hard work, and he is thankful the community has such a dedicated officer base.

Harry Clark, Rowan County Judge Executive, said this proclamation isn’t just to celebrate those working in the line of duty, but the people who support them from behind the scenes, as well.

“I spent a lot of time in the military, and my family probably suffered more than I did because some places I went were pretty neat, and they thought I was in harm’s way. You couldn’t really communicate that much with them, but in your case, you get up every morning, put a badge on, put your uniform on, and you walk out the door and you have control of what you’re doing, but your family don’t know that. Your family is back at home thinking everything they hear is something you’re involved in,” said Clark.

Clark said the event is a reminder that the community owes a lot to the sacrifices of law enforcement and their families.

The ceremony was attended by local government officials and members of the various police forces in Rowan County.

This comes as many areas of the country grapple with tension between citizens and police forces, something Rowan County officials said the community has been lucky to avoid.