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MSU Police get new headquarters ahead of planned demolition

Samantha Morrill

The Morehead State University Police are moving to a new home. Officials said starting late May or early June, anyone who needs to pay a ticket or report a crime to MSU police will find them in the Education Services Building.

Merrell Harrison, Chief of MSU Police, said his team will be using several available spaces in the building.

“They’ve been working over there to make some offices for us in the old courtroom, the old district courtroom in the building. It’s a nice building. They’ve done a good job with the building over there and they’re just trying to make it where it works for us. We’re taking a small part of the jail, also, for evidence because it’s very secure,” said Harrison.

The Education Services Building is located next to the old jail across from Giovanni’s Pizza on Main Street. Chief Harrison said their new location is likely to be semi-permanent, and he foresees MSU police being housed in the Education Services Building for some time.

Chief Harrison added that actually moving is never fun, but the force is looking forward to being in newer updated facilities. He said a challenging part of the move to the new facilities is making sure people can still contact police in case of an emergency on campus.

“Another big aspect of the move is dispatch. We have two consoles in dispatch now and I think the plan is, working with IT, is to move one at a time,” said Harrison.

Chief Harrison said moving the consoles one at a time ensures at least one will remain operational at all times.

The move is necessary as crews work to tear down Weatherby Gymnasium and eventually the Laughlin Health Building. It’s part of an expansive building plan taking place over the next several years on MSU’s campus.