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State officials encourage people to get a REAL ID before the deadline

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Federal REAL ID Act enforcement starts May 7, 2025. Officials said after that date, a REAL ID state-issued driving or identity credential or another federally accepted form of REAL ID, like a passport, will be required for air travel checkpoints or access to military bases.

A standard-issue license can still be used after the enforcement date for driving and as proof of identity, age, and residence for purposes of voting and age-restricted purchases. It will also still be good for accessing federal facilities such as Social Security offices and Veterans Administration hospitals.

Driver’s licenses can be renewed up to six months before the expiration date. Cardholders who are not within their renewal window but want a REAL ID may upgrade their standard card for $15. The new card will keep the same expiration date.

To get a REAL ID, people must present proof of identity, like a passport or birth certificate, two proofs of address, proof of social security number, and proof of legal name changes, if applicable. More information can be found here.