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Morehead State University to create new Freshman Village for 2024-2025 year

Samantha Morrill

Morehead State University will adjust dorm assignments offered to first-year and returning students next school year. Students have expressed concerns about the implications of these changes, but officials said they aim to increase the benefits of on-campus housing for first-year students.

The housing plan for the 2024-25 school year includes reserving Mignon Tower, East Mignon, Mignon Hall, and Grote Thompson as first-year exclusive dorms. The Mignon dorms will form a ‘freshman village,’ while Grote Thompson will host MSU’s living learning communities.

Russ Mast is the Vice President of Student Affairs at MSU. He said though the announcement was met with mixed reception from students, there will be plenty of room for every student, underclassmen and upperclassmen alike.

“It’s great that they want to live on campus because the students who live on campus actually retain at a higher rate and graduate at a higher rate, so this is a good thing for everybody,” said Mast. “Granted, there might be one or two or a few that have to move out of Mignon, but I still believe they’re going to get the same experience with the new renovated Nunn Hall or where we can find space for them in one of the other upper-class halls.”

Nunn Hall, which will undergo renovations this summer, is set to be upperclassmen-exclusive, along with Andrews, Fields, and West Mignon halls. Mast said as more and more students request single occupancy rooms, Cartmell will serve as a singles dorm for upperclassmen.

“Motivation was we heard that Cartmel Hall was not a good experience for our freshmen. It’s an older hall. Everyone knows it, and the long-term plan is to take it offline, and this actually gives us the opportunity to provide a better experience,” said Mast.

Housing officials at MSU said the total number of beds designated for underclassmen will increase from 893 to 914. The number of spaces for upperclassmen, including Cartmell singles and excluding campus apartments, will increase by 355 beds.

Mast adds students can look forward to Cooper Hall being available in fall 2025, as well as a new residence hall in fall 2026.