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Educators called on to submit session proposals for KAEE conference this fall

Kentucky Association for Environmental Education

The 48th Annual Kentucky Association of Environmental Education Conference is being held in Morehead this fall. In preparation, officials encourage formal educators, non-formal educators and students to submit session proposals before the May 22 deadline.

There are four different categories called “strands” a proposal could be placed into. Those include equity and inclusion, education and practice, community engagement, and capacity building.

Ashley Hoffman is the Executive Director for the KAEE. She said only a limited number of sessions will be selected.

“We generally accept around 30 sessions, so it is a competitive selection process for us. But generally, we have around 30 sessions over the course of the two-day conference,” said Hoffman.

Officials said the goal of the conference is to give educators the tools they need to better inform people about environmental issues. Educators can be teachers in the classroom or guides at nature reserves and government agencies.

Hoffman said they are also looking for more participants from eastern Kentucky.

“We do move this event around the state, so while we accept presentations and proposals state-wide, it’s always great to make more local connections and be able to share and showcase some of the great work happening in the local community,” Hoffman said.

Sessions at this November’s conference can range from lecture style to hands-on workshops.

More information can be found here.