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Morehead State University announces plans to start a new Master of Social Work program

Morehead State University

Morehead State University has plans to launch a Master of Social Work program. The MSW will offer two specializations for the degree, including behavioral health (clinical), and substance-use disorder.

MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan said the new graduate program will help to meet the need for qualified professionals to address behavioral health issues of clients and assist clinics.

“As we look specifically at the region and wanting to develop this program, we see a very deep need for social workers who have a background in chemical dependency, substance abuse, helping individuals with second chances,” said Morgan.

The program launch is thanks in part to a $310,000 grant from the Kentucky Association of Health Plans. Officials said in addition to the graduate course, there are plans for a five-year pathway that allows students to earn both a Bachelor of Social Work and an MSW simultaneously.

Dr. Morgan said the five-year pathway will allow students who know early on that they want to get a bachelor’s and master’s in social work the opportunity to do so in less time.

“That’s roughly four years for the baccalaureate, a year for the masters, some of the classes overlapping a bit. Doesn’t mean an individual has to do it that way, but that would be kind of, one of those value-added benefits that we’re going to try and embed into the program,” said Morgan.

MSU officials have several months of work with the Council on Postsecondary Education ahead of them before the program can accept students. Dr. Morgan said the MSW program should be up and running around fall of 2025.