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Morehead 5K aims to help free and empower sexually exploited women in India

Brayden Wilson

Morehead will be hosting the inaugural Aruna Run 5K on Wednesday. Organizers said funds raised by the race will go toward helping free sexually exploited women in India. Artemus Willey, race planner for the Morehead State Aruna 5K, said he wanted to do some good for the community.

“I thought it was a really great opportunity for both our local community and the world as a whole, the global community, and so I sent out the email to Aruna with all my credentials and everything, and I told them “I want to bring a race here, to our community”, said Willey.

The 5K is one of 14 runs hosted by the Aruna Project to raise awareness about commercial sexual exploitation in India. Officials said Aruna’s outreach programs provide sexually exploited women counseling as well as training for a skill or trade.

“So, every dollar that you spend on your race entry fee and all the money that is donated goes straight back to these women. A hundred percent of what is spent on the 5K will go to these women.”

Willey said the goal is to raise $5,000 to help Aruna’s cause. He said reaching that amount would mean a year of sustained freedom for five women who are currently being exploited through human trafficking. The money raised will allow Aruna to provide the women with travel to the United States, work visas and jobs, empowerment and holistic care, and the opportunity to make lives for themselves.

The Aruna Run 5K is Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Morehead State University Recreation Center. More information about Aruna can be found at arunaproject.com.