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New seed library open in Rowan County in time for growing season

Rowan County Public Library

The Rowan County Public Library’s seed library is now open. Officials said people can check out up to 15 different flower and produce seed packets.

Morgan Mullins is the communications manager for the Rowan County Public Library. He said the collection is an economic way to get into gardening.

“It’s an easy way to try your hand at gardening or because seeds can be expensive, especially for fruits and vegetables versus flowers. It’s a way for someone to get into it if they find that inaccessible at other locations or from other sources,” said Mullins.

Mullins said the success of other partnering libraries inspired RCPL to start the program.

Rowan County Public Library

Since the seed library opened, packets have flown off the shelves. Mullins added they are still working on a reciprocal element, where people will be able to donate seeds back to the library after the growing season is over. Mullins said the library plans to introduce that next year, depending on their success this year.

Upon the launch of the seed library, Mullins said a gardening display was also created.

“The launch of the seed library is accompanied by a gardening display since it is gardening season of course, March, April, May is when a lot of people start planting or start thinking about planting and so we are pushing those to the front and making our horticulture and agriculture books more available to people, putting them right up next to the display where everyone can get to them,” said Mullins.

Anyone with a library card is eligible for a raffle. The winner will receive $100 worth of seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. The raffle will be open until April 29.