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Nonprofits encouraged to register for Kentucky Gives Day

KY Gives Day

The 12th annual KY Gives Day is right around the corner, and organizers said now is the time to make sure nonprofits get registered.

Registration closes on April 17.

Laura Whitaker, Associate Director at Kentucky Nonprofit Network, said KY Gives Day is a good way for smaller nonprofits to get their names out there, something important considering the difficulties nonprofits have faced in the last few years.

“A lot of organizations, especially over the past few years, continue to navigate lots of challenges leftover from the pandemic and workforce shortages and all sorts of issues, so it’s a chance for nonprofits to ask for support from members of their community and raise needed funds to continue meeting their missions and serving Kentuckians,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker said that by rallying together on a single day like this, nonprofits can feel more connected to the communities they serve and raise much-needed funds. She added that it’s important to get registered so organizations can take the time to get organized and plan for the day.

“In terms of how organizations can ensure a successful campaign, they need to do their own marketing, their own social media, encourage their friends and family and volunteers and board members to be peer-to-peer fundraisers to help raise money for them, but then they also get this presence on one existing site and its kind of a way to bring in new donors as well,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker said participants looking to give often browse the selection of nonprofit organizations registered on the website, so getting registered early means a better chance the organization will be considered.

Registering can be done online at kygives.org. Organizations will need to provide some information and documents, but Whitaker said the process is quick and easy.