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Morehead State University announces major renovations and possible new building

Anabel Peterman

Recently Morehead State University President Jay Morgan announced three major construction projects and the possible funding of another.

Officials said they are currently working with the state to negotiate financial support for an academic building they’re calling “a multidisciplinary building” that would replace Baird and Bert Combs Hall.

President Morgan said although they are still waiting to get approved for the project money, things look promising.

“So, I preface a lot of this by saying it’s subject to final state budget bill passage in April, but we feel confident enough with it being in both the House and the Senate budget that we’re probably going to make it through ok,” said President Morgan.

Officials said if approved they are planning to begin the design and construction of the estimated 120,000-square-foot building within around four years of receiving the state funds.

Officials said they also plan to replace Lappin, Lloyd-Cassidy, and Cartmell within the next few years.

President Morgan said they want to modernize more buildings on campus.

“As we look to take this kind of generational next step; what do we want our university to look like for the next quarter century, half-century? We contend that we can renovate some buildings but we’re going to have to build new going forward. The style is beautiful, but the age is a struggle for us,” President Morgan said.

The university is currently in the process of constructing a new $9 million science and engineering building and renovating Cooper Hall. Additionally, it was announced that a new planned residence hall will be located at the site of the parking lot across the street from the Space Science Center, behind the old detention center.