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More rain and storms headed for eastern Kentucky

National Weather Service

Several days of rain are in the forecast for eastern Kentucky. Forecasters said severe weather and poor weather-related outcomes are unlikely, but the risk is always there.

Alex Vorst, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the storms will stick around for a while, producing small, but consistent amounts of rain.

“It’s a slow-moving system that’s going to keep a cold front kind of draped across the area, and as that cold front kind of just sits there and sits there and sits there and sits there, you get these persistent chances of showers and thunderstorms. And then ahead of that front it’s typically a warm and moist environment, so you now have, your adding moisture to where these storms can tap into, put down decent rainfall, and that’s kind of where the threat for heavy rain exists,” said Vorst.

In the meantime, Vorst stressed the importance of having plans in place in case of inclement weather, so people can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

“One of the biggest things is always that preparedness, making sure that you have a plan in place, just in case things do get to be a little bit more on the dangerous side, especially anytime there’s a threat of tornados, or severe weather or even of flash flooding or any of those things. It’s always good to make sure you have a plan in place, so you’re not caught off guard,” said Vorst.

Vorst added that the chance for flooding is low, since the amounts of rain will not be excessive, and the highest chance for severe thunderstorms will be on Thursday.