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Sheltowee Trace officials warn people to be mindful of springtime hiking safety

Elizabeth Matera

Springtime brings more hikers to Cave Run and the Sheltowee Trace Recreation Trail and officials said it is important to remember proper hiking safety and what to do in an emergency.

Elizabeth Matera is a volunteer with the Cave Run Lake chapter of the Sheltowee Trace Association. She said the main difference between hiking in the spring versus other times of the year is the temperature changing throughout the day.

“You may feel like “Oh its warm outside” but if it’s at all, you know chilly, just being careful to take into account that as the sun goes down, as the day advances into the evening, it’s going to get chillier. So, don’t rely on warmer weather lasting all through the day and evening,” said Matera.

Some other hiking tips include knowing the path and destination, following trail markers and staying on the trail, wearing proper hiking shoes, and watching for snags on the ground.

Matera added as spring advances, more wildlife can endanger hikers and it’s important to use protection against ticks.

“That could either be spray, such as DEET insect repellant, or you can use Permethrin to treat your clothing, and that actually lasts through several washings, and is really effective way to keep ticks from getting into your skin and potentially causing tick-borne disease,” said Matera.

Matera said to also watch out for snakes, staying away from them when they’re nearby.

In the event of an emergency on a hiker trail, hikers should call 911 to send for a rescue team.