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New Kentucky state highway website provides interactive resources and memorial page

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Highway Safety

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Highway Safety has a new website, which aims to provide timely and relevant highway safety information.

Officials said it has multiple interactive features to provide people with accurate information about the state of Kentucky highways.

Bill Bell, Executive Director of the Office of Highway Safety, said the website is good for gauging information, with a variety of statistics available.

“We have a dashboard where the public can go in and actually look at county-specific numbers and you can look by type of crash. If you’re looking for the number of motorcycle crashes or either serious injuries or fatalities, you can find that. Also, if it’s pedestrian or non-motorist. Which, non-motorist includes pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Bell.

The website also has contact information resources for reporting a road hazard or requesting a school speaker.

Bell added that along with statistics, the website will have a feature to honor families and loved ones lost in traffic accidents.

“Another feature is the Memory Lane, where if you have a loved one that is seriously injured or killed on a highway you can actually post a tribute to that person and we’ll put it up on the website and so everybody can see it as kind of a memento or talk about your loved one. I would compare it to the crosses you see on the sides of the roadways,” said Bell.

The website aims to be a source of comprehensive information, as well as a place to learn about the causes of driving accidents and how to prevent them. Bell added that the different aspects of the site were crafted with consideration for how to best perform their assorted duties, such as informing or remembering.

The new website is kyhighwaysafety.com.