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Kentucky officials report gas prices will stay high heading into summer


A gas price hike has hit Kentucky markets. Warmer weather means more people getting out on the roads, leading to higher prices. Officials said prices are up about 20 cents locally and up 30 cents nationally.

Lori Weaver-Hawkins with AAA Blue Grass said prices always rise in the summer, but this year drivers might have felt the pinch sooner than usual.

“This time of year, just like we see temperatures start to creep up, we see prices start to creep up at the gas pump. Now this year they jumped up a little bit quicker and that acceleration was a bit larger than, we normally see more of a gradual increase, and that was due to a number of factors,” said Weaver-Hawkins.

Weaver-Hawkins said factors include increased demand from summer travel and higher costs to produce summer fuel blends. The EPA has different requirements for summer and winter fuel blends to help limit pollution and protect the ozone layer.

She added that although prices will be higher, there are still ways to save.

“So, there are a lot of things that we can do as consumers to save those pennies at the pump. I always remind people that there are a lot of discount programs out there. So, you can be loyal to a certain brand and enjoy a few pennies off when you fill up, there are a number of those. So, that’s something to look into if you are not already a discounted member somewhere,” said Weaver-Hawkins.

Weaver-Hawkins recommends driving at or slightly below the speed limit to preserve fuel and not using premium gas unless the car requires it.

She said prices will likely fluctuate throughout the rest of the summer season but stay trending higher than they have in recent months.