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Gateway Regional Arts Center launches free art and exercise classes to promote well-being

Jordan Campbell

The Gateway Regional Arts Center has started a series of free classes for people who might not otherwise be able to afford arts programming.

The “Gateway to Well-Being” program was funded by CHI Saint Joseph Mount Sterling. The nearly $17,000 grant allows GRAC to offer free classes for a year.

Jordan Campbell is the Executive Director of the GRAC. He said many statistics show people who are engaged in the arts, their community, and cultural activities have higher quality of life.

“They have better health outcomes, they typically are happier because they’re engaged in their community, and they’re communicating and they have friends, and they’re going out to do things. So, we know that that is really important right now because there is a mental health crisis happening,” said Campbell.

The classes offered include Zumba, Latin dance, yoga, painting, and craft making.

Campbell added the program is also working to bring the arts to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, and the regional jail.

“We’re reaching the unreachable. You know we want to take these programs to people who may not have any other outlet for their mental health and their well-being. So, we just want to get people up. We want to get them moving,” said Campbell.

The programming is open to all ages. More information can be found here.