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Weather outlook calls for warmer and wetter Spring season


Spring is here and forecasters report Kentuckians can likely expect warmer temperatures and slightly above average precipitation throughout the 2024 season.

Alex Vorst is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Jackson. He said the region experienced a mild El Niño weather pattern coming from the Pacific Ocean in early March, which led to warmer and dryer conditions. However, Vorst said conditions will likely trend toward neutral before heading into the El Niño’s opposite, La Niña.

He said while that may bring more rain, it doesn’t mean flood risk increases in general.

“Flooding risk can change from situation to situation. It’s not just because we’re in a La Niña, which is a wetter pattern,” he said. “It just says the typical weather pattern itself is more active and could see more chances for precipitation but not necessarily mean flooding.”

The meteorologist said the average temperature for March through June typically falls somewhere between 52 and 58 degrees, but Kentucky will likely be looking at something different this year.

“When we look at these Climate Prediction Center outlooks, when they put us in the above or slightly above average, it means it’s going to be slightly above that running average for spring,” Vorst said.

The first day of spring fell on March 19 this year, and the season will last until summer begins on June 20.