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Regional Quilt show expected to draw a large crowd in Morehead this weekend


This month the annual Rowan County Regional Quilt Show returns for the 12th year. Organizers said the show will feature several different categories of quilts, including antique or vintage quilts, baby quilts, quilts made by hand or by computer, wall hangings, and wearables.

Jelana Lewis, Chair of the Rowan County Regional Quilt Show, said the event is important to help keep the tradition of quilting alive, and to remember the roots of the art.

“People used to make their quilts from old clothes and any fabric that they had on hand, whereas now it’s become more of an art, and you select these beautiful fabrics and it’s about color coordination versus what they did in the past which is using what they had,” said Lewis.

Lewis said attendees are invited to vote on their favorite quilts in each category, with the winning quilts announced that afternoon.

“People will view the quilts and then we have voting tabs and when they see a quilt in a category that just really speaks to them and they’re just wowed by it they can vote for that quilt,” said Lewis.

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 16, at the Morehead Conference Center.