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Flemingsburg City Council passes first reading of a tax increase by tie-breaker vote

City of Flemingsburg

After a tie-breaking vote, an ordinance to add a one percent occupation tax cleared its first reading during this month’s Flemingsburg City Council Meeting. Council members Graham, McKee, and Carpenter voted against the increase, while Voiers, Davis, and Story voted for it.

Van Alexander is the Mayor of Flemingsburg and cast the deciding vote in favor of the increase. He said the tax raise was necessary for the betterment of Flemingsburg.

“We don’t ever want to raise taxes. I mean we hate to do it, but in this situation, we looked to do it because the last time it was raised was in 1957, and it’s just one percent. We just went on with one percent to make it to two, so we wouldn’t have to worry with raising it anywhere down the road,” said Alexander.

The tax increase would expand the city’s budget by $690,000. Mayor Alexander said with that money, the city could complete utility and infrastructure improvements. That includes repaving sidewalks and streets where some drop-offs are up to a foot deep.

Mayor Alexander said there’s also the construction of a new elementary school to consider.

“We’re going to have to build a new pump station there when they get that, start developing that, and there’s many things as far as utilities to stay in line with the growing school,” said Alexander.

The Flemingsburg mayor said a two percent occupational tax is the norm for several cities in the region. The second reading is scheduled for the next city council meeting March 11. A majority vote will again be required.