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MUPB officials give update on 2023 water service and ongoing projects

Samantha Morrill

Morehead Utility Plant Board officials recently gave city council an update on their ongoing projects.

MUPB General Manager Holly McGrath-Rosas said the utility had a good year in 2023 in terms of water treatment, with last year having been the second highest production year in history. She also mentioned the new water treatment plant currently under construction is progressing nicely, with around 60% of the work completed.

“The raw water intake is a little over 30% complete. The work is continuing on the raw water line and the finished water lines. We renewed our field lab certification from the Kentucky Division of Water,” McGrath-Rosas said. “We completed an energy resilience as required for FEMA for eligible funding opportunities in the future.”

In that same vein, the general manager said the water line replacement project on 2nd Street is nearly finished. The last thing it needs is asphalt.

“We went with the common consensus of everybody wanting the flowable fill. We put the flowable fill in, it started to settle. We were supposed to be able to get emergency asphalt. The emergency place actually broke down and their equipment failed,” she said. “The hope is, we were told they were going to be up and running by the end of this month, and as soon as they’re up and running, we will have everything asphalted back.”

Additionally, McGrath-Rosas said MUPB’s board is reviewing the sewer use ordinance to update local limits.