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Officials say Morehead’s new $38,000 artificial ice rink had a successful first season

Morehead Parks and Recreation Department

Morehead’s new artificial ice-skating rink has officially closed for the 2023-2024 season. Officials said the rink was purchased by the city of Morehead in partnership with Rowan County Tourism through secure funding and sponsorships.

Matt Hamilton is the Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Morehead. He said the ice rink was a huge success.

“I know we did; I think somewhere around 1,400 waivers in the first week. It was astronomical numbers, with it kind of being a first-time thing,” said Hamilton.

In total, the cost of the ice rink came to $38,000.

Hamilton said there were a few days when the rink had to be closed. Due to cold temperatures and ironically, ice on the ice rink.

“There was some other days when it would rain and it would freeze. You got to imagine, that’s synthetic ice. If you get a small layer of real ice on that, once the ice skates get on and start making little shards of ice, it can be problematic and dangerous,” said Hamilton.

Rowan County Residents can expect the rink to re-open later this year. The rink’s temporary location is on First Street, next to the Moonlight School.