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Morehead orchestra’s “petting zoo” showcases instruments, not animals


Children in Rowan County will have the opportunity to learn about musical instruments in a friendly environment.

The Cave Run Symphony Orchestra is hosting an instrument “petting zoo” to celebrate its 10th full season, accompanied by a concert entitled “Symphony on Safari,” on February 25. The performance touts an animal theme, with orchestral arrangements from popular media like The Jungle Book and Cats.

Keith Kappes is the acting business manager for the Cave Run Symphony Orchestra. He said the petting zoo, which they hold every year, is always a hit with the kids in attendance.

“Grade school kids from throughout the county can come in and find out about the various instruments and the orchestra. Dr Michelle Paise from the music faculty and her students in music ed. will be there to host that to explain the various instruments and what they sound like.”

He said it isn’t often that young children get the opportunity to learn about these instruments up close.

“We do that every year, and it’s a very popular program, and we’re always looking to build a new, you know, widen our fanbase. So more people understand and can be more exposed to orchestral music.”

The instrument petting zoo begins at 1:30 on February 25, followed by the concert at 3 p.m. Entry is free for children and students of all ages, and adults who bring a child will receive a complimentary ticket. Tickets are available at the door or at the Morehead Visitor Center.

More information is available on the Cave Run Symphony Orchestra Facebook page.