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Property valuation season begins in Rowan County


As tax season approaches, Rowan County officials remind property owners their homes and businesses may be assessed as part of the regular property valuation schedule.

These services, which may include some outdoor inspection, measurements, and photos, will continue until the spring. If workers find a property has increased enough in value to warrant higher taxes, the owner will receive a mailed notice in April.

Property valuation cycles between the north, south, east, and west portions of the county by year. Last year, Sharkey and Lakeview properties were measured by the PVA office, and this year, officials say valuators will be working in the Cranston, Haldeman, and US 60 East areas.

Carmen Eldridge Swim is the Rowan County Property Valuation Administrator. She said she understands if residents are alarmed by the PVA, but any measurements or pictures taken are only used to help the PVA track sizes and prices of property sales.

“We always try to identify ourselves when we are in a driveway, or we approach a home or we’re looking around or measuring. We always want to make sure the property owner knows who we are and why we’re there,” said Eldridge Swim. “And of course, if anybody is still uncomfortable, they are welcome to call us or the sheriff’s office. They will be happy to confirm if it’s somebody from the PVA office.”

She said these assessments can be appealed for a 13-day window in May, when people can work with the PVA to make sure the results are as accurate as possible.

“Nobody knows a property better than the property owners. So, we definitely encourage people to come in and check and make sure that their information is correct. That we are working with the correct square footage for a property on a structure like a home or an ag building,” said Eldridge Swim.

Eldridge Swim said all owners have the right to contest the assessment results through an appeal.

More information for property owners is available online at rowanpva.com.