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Morehead State University plans workshops to aid students in FASFA applications


Morehead State University has partnered with the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, or KHEAA, to put on the Sunday FAFSA Funday event February 18. Officials said any high school or college student who attends is eligible to win one of two $500 scholarships to be used at a Kentucky institution.

The 2024-2025 FAFSA includes a few significant changes to the form and process since last year. Officials said MSU’s FAFSA workshops are being held to help Kentucky students work through those changes.

John Rose is the Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Morehead State University. He said students will not be required to bring any materials. The workshop will have computer stations set up for students and parents to use.

“A little workshop, a little workstation, that way they can sit down, their parents can sit down with us, so we can go over it, both of them together. It’s going to be really hands on so to speak,” said Rose.

Rose added students should not hesitate to fill out the FAFSA because the application itself is step one to applying for any type of financial assistance.

“We believe that of course there is going to be more students that qualify for the Pell Grant, who may not have qualified for it in the past, and if they qualify for that, and they get their FAFSA in soon enough, they could very well qualify for additional free money through KHEAA,” said Rose.

Rose said he does not believe MSU will be impacted by the current FAFSA rollout delays. Financial Aid officials plan on having all awards released by the end of March.

While the Sunday FAFSA Funday event is the only workshop where scholarships can be won, MSU is holding several more FAFSA workshops up through March 2. The Sunday event is from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the enrollment services center located at 121 East Second Street in Morehead.