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Kentucky Youth Advocate’s bill tracker aims to make a difference this legislative session


Kentucky Youth Advocates hope Kentuckians will be more aware of bills working through the legislature this session by using their general assembly bill tracker. The tracker follows bills that are deemed to help make Kentucky a better place for children and families.

Shannon Moody is the Chief Policy and Strategy Officer at Kentucky Youth Advocates. She said she hopes people use the tracker to follow bills through the legislative process and take action by reaching out to lawmakers.

“For example, if there is a bill that is going to be heard in front of the house education committee, we recommend that folks reach out to their legislature if they’re a member of that committee, to let them know whether they support it, or whether they think that it needs to have some changes made to it before they could get behind it,” said Moody.

Moody added many people across the state are engaged in legislative advocacy in different ways.

“We get outreach from kind of all corners of the state with people asking about particular bills that have been filed, what our take is on them, how they can get involved and play a role, and often reach out with questions about more information as far as what research and data says about particular bills as well,” said Moody.

Moody said the tracker stays up to date on where the bills are in the legislature. Any bills filed this session will be analyzed and if it fits KYA standards of protecting the well-being, safety, and health outcomes of children and families, it will be added to the tracker.

KYA officials said they are hopeful that many of the bills featured on the tracker will move out of committee and into the voting process. The tracker can be found here.