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Laughlin lease will not be renewed for City of Morehead

Kennealy Jenkins

Officials said the lease between Morehead State University and the City of Morehead for the Laughlin Health Building will not be renewed after June of this year.

Since leasing Laughlin several years ago, the City of Morehead has been using the building for many different recreational purposes. Those include facilities for certain youth sports like basketball, as well as community health and wellness classes.

Matt Hamilton is Morehead’s Director of Parks and Recreation. He said the city has a plan for a new recreation center to function in Laughlin’s place.

“The space also provides some alternative use areas that may be able to be developed into such things as batting cages. We have to see what spaces fit where from what falls within the budget,” he said. “And, this kind of facility would be our facility. We’re not tied to anybody with a lease. This belongs to the citizens of Rowan County.”

The director said he has no doubts that the county will bounce back from the loss.

“We do have plans to sufficiently supply recreation for the entire county. We have gym space available. We will make sure that all of the kids in Rowan County will have places to play,” Hamilton said.

At this time, no timeline for the new facility has been made public.