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Girl Scouts continue to boost in-person sales, learn online entrepreneurial skills


Girl Scout Cookie season is here, and scouts across the country are embracing e-commerce opportunities introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Online sales continue to grow in popularity, and officials with Girl Scouts said they wanted to give girls the opportunity to develop new skills in this expanding market.

Haleigh McGraw is Director of Communications for the Wilderness Road Girl Scout Council. She said fostering new skills in young girls has always been a mission of the organization, and adapting to fit the needs presented by online sales is no different.

“In 2024 we have kind of entered into this new era of in-person and online, we have adapted to a new digital cookie platform that offers more e-commerce opportunities for our girls, while also developing additional badges for that out-of-door work of running your own business, of entrepreneurship and being in that entrepreneurial mindset,” said McGraw.

But with the return to in-person sales becoming possible, McGraw said more and more people seem excited to see Girls out selling cookies in person again.

“During COVID obviously our online sales were phenomenal, they were spectacular. Because it was the only outlet overwhelmingly that we could get in front of customers during that time. However, when we are in person, last year is a great example, our in-person sales do capitalize our online sales. But the online component we do still have great success there,” said McGraw.

McGraw added that although cookie sales are the main image of Girl Scouts, much more goes into making sure the girls learn useful skills and gain experiences that will last them a lifetime.