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Campton Water Treatment receives over $2.6 million to upgrade infrastructure


Earlier this month, Senator Mitch McConnell announced the city of Campton will receive over $2.6 million to upgrade aging water infrastructure. Officials said the upgrades will improve the water treatment system’s reliability and water quality.

Campton Mayor Kathi May said the upgrades have been needed for a few years.

“It’ll improve the efficiency that our water is clean, and it will also allow us to produce more clean water, you know, from our lake,” May said.

May also said the money will allow the city to rehab a chemical room and replace membrane filters.

“We’re one of, I think the only three membrane-fed water treatment plants in the state, and our plant has been in use for 12 years now so those membranes are getting a lot of wear on them, so replacing those membranes will be more efficient in purifying and cleaning the water,” May said.

The primary source for Campton is Wolfe Lake, which is located along North Washington Street and the Mountain Parkway. The plant was originally established in August of 2011.

The funding is awarded through the Appalachian Regional Commission.