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Impact Kentucky survey shows growth in major categories


Certified educators across the commonwealth had the chance to show how they feel about today’s educational environment in the 2024 Impact Kentucky Survey. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) unveiled the results at a recent Superintendents’ Webcast, and officials said the upticks in participation and overall evaluation are good signs for the future.

The impact survey provides teachers and other certified educators of all grade levels a chance to rate several topics such as school leadership, professional learning, school climate, and education for all.

Byron Darnall is the associate commissioner for the KDE Office of educator licensure and effectiveness. He said the 7% improvement in participants’ emotional well-being is especially critical.

“All categories have seen a positive growth, with the most growth coming in the emotional wellbeing and belonging, which certainly is an area of high concern,” said Darnall.

Officials said the growth is encouraging, as a 2023 statement by the KDE’s Teacher Advisory Council reported low teacher morale due to factors such as student behavior and workload.

Overall participation increased from 75.9% in the 2021-22 school year to 77.5% in the latest cycle. Darnall said more educators are taking the opportunity to give feedback to the KDE.

“The middle grades, 6 through 8, saw a slight dip. Every other grade span saw a sizeable increase in participation,” said Darnall. “So again, pleased to relay the level of interest and impact at the district and local level.”

Officials said the current rate is still lower than pre-covid, when the first administration of the survey had 84% participation.