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Morehead to be well-represented at prestigious science conference next month

American Junior Academy of Science

The Kentucky Junior Academy of Science has named two Rowan County High School students and one Craft Academy Student as delegates to the American Junior Academy of Science Annual Conference.

The three young researchers will join nine other highschoolers from across the commonwealth at the event next month in Denver.

Melanie Stambaugh is the Director for the Kentucky Junior Academy of Science. She said these high schoolers have gone above and beyond what is expected of everyday highschoolers and even college students, noting a Craft Academy student’s entry.

“The title of this one, this is in the mathematics division: ‘Can centicubes measure up? Comparing simulated exponential decay curves for teaching radioactivity and half-life.’ I know what all that means, but I don’t know how to put all that together,” said Stambaugh. “So, fortunately, there are other people that do know how to do that, what all that means and how they can do research with it.”

Stambaugh said it is critical to empower the next generation of scientists across the state.

“There is so much talent within the state of Kentucky, and we want that talent to stay here. We don’t want students to grow up and say, well, I’m going to go be a scientist, I have to go somewhere else. There is great science happening all across the state. One of our goals is to make sure that everybody knows that,” said Stambaugh.

Officials said donations and sponsors will be accepted to cover the students’ cost of attendance. Once their $13,000 goal is met, extra funds will go toward next year’s expenses. The next statewide conference, where students compete for a spot as a Kentucky Delegate, will take place in November, and calls for abstracts will open in August.

The local students selected for the 2024 American Junior Academy of Science Annual Conference are Kaitlyn Nelson and Brittany Mae Hamilton of Rowan County High School and Alexandria Black from the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics.

More information on the program and how to donate can be found at kyscience.org.