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State publication celebrates a quarter century in print

Kentucky Monthly

A publication in the Commonwealth has celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Kentucky Monthly is a general interest magazine that aims to celebrate the people and culture of the Commonwealth. Representatives with the periodical said they publish 10 issues each year and cover a wide variety of topics, like human interest, health, travel, and history.

Stephen Vest is the editor and publisher of Kentucky Monthly. He said the magazine has grown since they first began publishing in 1998.

“Couple years ago, we took on Kentucky Explorer Magazine, which gave us more of an eastern and out-of-state reach than we had before,” he said.

Vest said that unlike a lot of other publications that are entirely digital, Kentucky Monthly still issues physical copies of their magazine to subscribers every month.

Additionally, Vest said the publication even stayed strong through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People were staying home, people, you know, eventually watched everything they could watch on Netflix and were looking for something else. They subscribed to the magazine; they like having it in their hands,” he said. “You know, we don’t really write about current events and news as much as we do about great things about Kentucky, so people saw us as an escape from what was going on.”

Recent articles and regional events can be found online at kentuckymonthly.com. 25th anniversary celebration events are planned for the month of March.