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Rowan and Montgomery counties secure grant to spay or neuter local cats


Rowan and Montgomery counties recently received a grant to aid in getting local cats spayed and neutered.

Officials said the grant is to promote the reduction of animal overpopulation, and it’s made possible by the Joanie Bernand Foundation. Officials say the organization frequently assists underprivileged areas in getting felines spayed and neutered. Dr. Ralph Derrickson, Gateway Area Development District and Team Shelter USA are participating in the effort.

Rebakah Goodpaster, President of Gateway Area Humane Society, said the service is free to all local cats, up to the estimated 385 total procedures provided by the grant.

“These can be community cats, so cats that are considered feral or they are friendly cats living in you know, colonies, kind of you know, unhoused, and then also pet cats that are indoor outdoor,” said Goodpaster.

In Montgomery County, the vet visit would cover the cat spay or neuter procedure, their annual vaccinations as well as the rabies vaccination, and an injectable pain medication.

Goodpaster, said ear clipping, which is done under anesthesia, is a required step in the process.

“What that does is, you know, if a cat is outside somebody can look at it and tell that it has been altered, it has been vaccinated, at a distance,” said Goodpaster, “Instead of having to catch it and have it examined.”

Officials said the service is entirely free and highly encouraged as personal pets and local cats will both greatly benefit.

Rowan County appointments can be made by calling 606-207-5420. In Montgomery County the number is 859-404-4497.