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Carter County Schools integrate 23 new electric school buses into pick-up routes

Carter County Schools

Officials with Carter County Schools said they are now on the leading edge of technology and innovation when it comes to reducing school bus emissions.

The district applied for and received a grant from the EPA’s 2022 Clean School Bus Rebate Program to purchase electric buses. Officials said they applied for 23 new buses and were granted the entire fleet.

Dr. Paul Green is the Superintendent of Carter County Schools. He said this upgrade has been welcomed by everyone.

“Our feedback from everybody that has experienced them love it. Our bus drivers love it, our kids riding the buses love it, they’re brand-new buses, they have the new smell. Just like anything else it’s a new toy, you have to realize these are replacing models of buses that are ten to twelve to fifteen years old,” said Green.

Green said that while they are excited to have these buses, they are being careful with how they integrate the buses into their pickup routes.

“We want to make sure that the safety for our students and staff and drivers and everybody, we want to make sure that we all feel very comfortable so currently we are running about eight routes per day, we are using the entire fleet, we’re just kind of rotating them,” said Green.

Green stressed that safety is the most important concern as the district learns to use the new technology. Green added that grant funds included money for infrastructure to support the buses. Charging stations have been installed at around 5 locations in the County, at various schools and bus garages.