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Morehead officials wait to hear if transportation grant is awarded


The city of Morehead will soon learn if it’s been selected for a grant to improve transportation. It was announced last month that the city had applied for a Creating Vibrant Cities grant with the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

Officials said if selected, the money will help Morehead plan for land use, transportation, and future development to help bring more life to the community.

City Council Member Edna Schack put together the grant application. She said this program will take place over the course of a year if Morehead receives the grant.

“It’ll be a year of strategizing, that’s a good word, and we hope to make it very participatory so that we’ll have community members participating from all walks of life in finding out what kinds of amenities are useful,” said Schack.

Schack adds that if they receive this grant, the city plans to make roads safer and easier to traverse.

“The goal is for there to be safe ways to travel along our roads. Everybody is familiar with KY-32 and US-60 and how some parts of our community are outside of those areas and so getting into downtown is not all that, is not very easy,” said Schack.

KYTC officials were expected to choose grant winners by the new year and announce grantees this month.