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Addiction recovery agencies prepare for influx of 2024 patients

Addiction Recovery Care

Many recovery centers across the state report they are ready for an influx of people seeking addiction treatment resources now that 2024 has begun.

Addiction Recovery Care has over 30 treatment centers in 22 Kentucky counties, including Rowan. Representatives with the organization said they’re well prepared to handle any additional calls for treatment that may come their way.

Vanessa Keeton is the Vice President of Marketing for ARC. She said the organization’s nearly 15 years in operation have given them the experience they need to be helpful for those in recovery, no matter where they are.

“We just make sure that our staffing levels are always maintained, you know, we’re always open to adding new staff if necessary to make sure that our clients are cared for properly,” she said. “We ensure that we have people out in the community who are touching people individually, and talking with all the referral sources to make sure that they know that we’re here and we’re willing to help the clients that they may have.”

Keeton said January is often more demanding for recovery centers, simply because people are often looking for a change.

“We are expecting to have a very busy year this year. We are actually going into two different states this year,” she said. “We’ve never went out of the borders of Kentucky before, but we’re opening up a treatment facility in Virginia, and one in Ohio.”

Keeton said last January was one of ARC’s busiest months for admissions in the entire calendar year.