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Morehead Recovery Expo to provide resources, support to those in addiction recovery

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center

Two regional health organizations are teaming up to provide resources to people struggling with addiction.

Officials said Mountain Comprehensive Care Center and St. Claire HealthCare have partnered to support the recovery community in their service region by providing all-encompassing medical care. As a result of this partnership, representatives from the two organizations said they’re hosting a Recovery Resource Expo Tuesday.

Jason Jones is the Addictions Clinical Coordinator with Mountain Comprehensive Care. He said the expo will spotlight the resources that are available within the community for those in recovery, including peer support.

“We’re going to have access for people with employment opportunities, MCTC will be there, MSU,” he said. “There will be Gateway resources, there will be a lot of mental health booths there, a lot of resources for family members who may have a loved one who suffered from addiction and may need some information.”

Jones said the main goal of the expo is to destigmatize drug addiction and show that there’s help available for anyone who needs it.

“In Rowan County here, we had 105 overdoses. That’s an average of about 10 per month,” he said. “That’s highlighting a critical need for our area, that this is a disease that we’re trying to fight in our area. It’s a very quiet one, while all at the same time, it’s a very loud consequence.”

The expo will be from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on January 9 at the Morehead Conference Center. It is free and open to the public.