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Reopening dates for services at county clerk’s offices announced


Some county clerk services are temporarily unavailable statewide for scheduled system updates.

County clerk’s offices are undergoing maintenance to update registration technology, from the outdated AVIS to the new KAVIS systems. Through next week, no motor vehicle transactions can take place through the clerk’s office, though other services like election and recording are still available.

Jarrod Fritz is the Fleming County Clerk. He said these updates will completely phase out the AVIS system used for motor services.

“We get thrown some curveballs every now and then. Our AVIS system, that’s our current motor vehicle registration system, has been in place since the very early 80s. It’s a DOS-Cobalt system, that’s very old. They have been building a windows-based program for many years,” said Fritz.

Fritz said the transition, which began in late December, will make the process easier for everyone once it is complete.

“There’s millions of trailers and automobiles in the system that they have to take out of the old system and put into this new system,” said Fritz. “And so, January the first is when taxes are assessed on property and vehicles, and so that’s why they chose the first of the year to transition this. So they could start the beginning of the year with all the information from the old system.”

Fritz said KAVIS is already in use for boat and disabled parking services, with positive results. He said Fleming County’s services are expected to reopen on January 12 with the fully integrated system.

In Rowan County, officials said online services should resume by January 8, and the physical office is expected to reopen by January 11.