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Maysville Community and Technical College gives students a “Fresh Start”

Maysville Community and Technical College

MCTC students with a balance on the books have an opportunity to return to school next semester without having to pay-up first. Maysville Community and Technical College’s “Fresh Start” program gives students who previously attended MCTC but did not graduate the opportunity to come back and finish a degree.

According to officials, each semester a student is successful, the program forgives $500 from their balance. Students who owe money from previous enrollment traditionally are ineligible to register for classes until it’s paid.

MCTC’s Director of Student Success said she is ready for students who have that burden to be able to come back and get to work.

“If you need help just give me a call. My name’s Maggie Price and I’ll be your go to girl. I’ll harass you and email you and call you and you can do the same for me,” said Price.

Price added throughout the years hundreds of students have found themselves in a position where they couldn’t continue their studies.

“Maybe a parent passed away or they had a sick kiddo, and they weren’t able to come back to school or complete their classes successfully. So, this gives them a chance to come back and finish that degree and get to work,” said Price.

The Fresh Start program is not a student loan forgiveness program and debt from other colleges will not be paid as a part of Fresh Start. More information about the program, eligibility, and applications can be found here.