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Rowan County Clerk's Office to close for system upgrade

Samantha Morrill

Some vehicle services at the Rowan County Clerk's office will be temporarily unavailable for new system integration in January.

Officials said the closure will help them smoothly transition into the new state-wide system KAVIS.

Elwood Caudill Jr. is the Rowan County clerk. He said although the transition to the new system may be a hassle now, it will make offices run more efficiently.

“Once this is taken care of and we jump into the 21st century with our vehicle programs the customers will be taken care of in a lot faster time frame than it is now. So I think you’ll all be a lot happier than you are now with how long it takes to do anything,” he said.

County Clerk officials said the office will run normally through most of December. Recording and elections departments will be available, but all motor vehicle services will be halted after December 29.

Caudill added those who need to renew their tags in December should do so early.

“January the 8th is when the online will open back up. I wouldn’t try doing anything after the 27th of December online. If the tags are due December I would try to come in as early as you can so you don’t get a backlog on the end of the month,” Caudill said.

Caudill said he expects vehicle services to open back up on January 11 if the system transition runs successfully.

Officials said anyone who needs their tags renewed in January is unable to do so early in December.