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Morehead State University Star Theater announces holiday shows

Brayden Wilson

The Morehead State University Space Science Center has announced dates for its public Star Theater shows this holiday season. Organizers said two Christmas themed features are planned for December 16 and 20.

The first show is Star of Bethlehem, followed by Season of Light. Dr. Pamela Clark is Director of the Star Theater. She said the holiday features are going to be special.

“In December, around Christmas time, we usually do two or three special shows that have Christmas features and feature the Christmas night sky; and Santa pays a little visit too,” said Clark.

Dr. Clark added attendees can also watch a Laser Holiday show and a live presentation of the Christmas night sky.

“So, we have a live presentation that one of the crew members is a speaker, or sometimes I do the speaking, and we show the night sky at different times of night what planets are up whether the moon is up; sometimes take a trip to one of the planets, the constellations for that night,” said Clark.

The Star Theater is also hosting a special Valentines Day event on February 13. Clark said the Space Science Center will host a romantic evening under the stars for couples along with gourmet food and live music. Then a couple months later there will be a solar eclipse celebration on April 8 which will feature a performance by MSU’s Tuba Euphonium ensemble.