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New nonprofit aims to teach old time music in northeastern Kentucky

James E. Webb

Old time, traditional music has found its way back into the lives of some northeastern Kentuckians through the Stidham Old Time Music Gathering and Association.

Started as a yearly gathering of musicians, the group has now formed a formal non-profit organization and plans to hold meetings, jams and lessons year-round.

James E. Webb is the owner and organizer of the Stidham Old Time Music Gathering. He said he and his organization are thrilled to be able to bring old-time music to new generations, both as entertainment and as education.

“That’s kind of what I want to do, is be able to have teachers from this pool of wonderful musicians in the area and also students from the Morehead school of traditional music, to be able to come in and teach what they’ve learned, but more on a local level in north eastern Kentucky,” said Webb.

Webb said he plans to work with instructors from the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music in addition to local professional musicians.

The group plans to hold a jam session December 10 at 4 p.m. at their meeting space in Martin County, coinciding with their first board meeting. Webb said players and listeners alike are welcome to attend.

“This weekend we are going to be doing our first board meeting, and since we’ve got several musicians that are on the board, pretty much what a lot of folks like to call just a traditional old time music jam and it’ll be a whole lot of fun,” said Webb.

Webb said they hope their new position will allow them to teach old time music to new generations who haven’t had the chance to learn traditional music practices. Plans for workshops in Martin, Johnson and Lawrence counties are expected to be announced soon.